"Everything is a dream to me. I tend to avoid being realistic about most things, but i'm not quite sure why yet. I think it's because I'm scared that I'm not yet who I'm supposed to be, but I'm also scared that I already am ." -self biography.

I'm Nasri, and this is a blog of things that appeal to me, for whatever particular reason that they do.

missing from me.
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Talk about what makes your bones shudder.

Talk about sheets of rain,
mention lavender
Talk about light,
warm light.

Talk about the warmth of bodies,
the curve of skin,
the angle of limbs.

Mention the teeth,
mention the blood,
talk about the taste
of hurt in your mouth.

Let’s talk about the kind of fruit
that stains your hands
as you break it open.

Talk about the sound of the ghost
of love collapsing in the next room
while we’re shouting
over the dinner table
and the cemetery of past lovers
in your closet.

Mention the way the ocean
blends into the sky in a shade of blue
that proved to you that
sometimes feeling small is a good thing.

Tell me why your bones have
been feeling like gasoline.

Tell me about how you feel
like a black hole sometimes.

Tell me so I can remind you that
feeling as small as a faraway star
is a good thing sometimes
because it reminds us that
our problems are even
smaller than we are.


— 7:55 p.m. (Put your feelings into images for me)

(via angryasianfeminist)